Happy New Year & Swivelhead Update

From the Swivelhead band & crew, we hope that you had an amazing time with your Family & Friends over the Holidays & New Years.!!

-Swivelhead is still in the Studio recording the next Album    (20-30 songs have been written)

  -We are also getting ready to do  "Virtual Gig Tests" in Mid Jan 2012. 

-Video Clips  - New song "Without You" is already recorded & getting mixed - as we are getting ready to shoot a Video Clip in Jan 2012

  -"Behind the Scenes" Footage has been recorded Oct 2011 - & we are waiting on the finalised MIX before posting. 

**Stay tuned for SNEAK PEAKS on Facebook & on our Website

-Swivelhead has been selected for a Touring Opportunity in Dec 2011 - that we are currently checking now.


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