Happy Valentine's Day & Swivelhead Update

Happy Valentines Day!!  Hope you had an amazing day with your loved ones, family, friends or favourite pet!!

1. SWIVELHEAD was asked to do an Interview for Kill Your Scene. You can check it out at http://killyourscene.info/swivelhead/  Cheers again for your support Kill!!!


2. A MASSIVE ***THANK YOU*** goes to Kit Carson McGuire for Playing Swivelhead's Tracks "Cannot Live Here", "Goodbye" & "Candle" on his show at http://www.indie104.com/  With a Fanbase of 8,500,000 worldwide this is a Massive help to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ALSO ***THANK YOU*** to USUKOZ Radio, IndieRock Cafe, 808stilezproductions.com, www.WOSRadio.com for their constant support!!!!!!!


3. New SWIVELHEAD album. - 30 Songs have been whittled down to 10x Tracks

 Arrangements, Lyrics, Solos are being finalised now!!!


4. Video Clips  - New songs "Without You"  & "Lovers & Wine" were fully recorded Oct 2011 & we are STILL waiting on the MIX to shoot Video Clips in FEB 2012


5. "Behind the Scenes" Footage was also recorded Oct 2011 - but we are waiting for MIX to be finalised before Posting everywhere! 


**Stay tuned for SNEAK PEAKS on Facebook & on our Website 


6. Were selected for a Touring Opportunity in Dec 2011 - checking this out


7. We been approached to enter Emergenza Festival - http://www.emergenza.net/3/venue.asp?nation=13

"The winning bands from each country will play at the Taubertal Open Air Festival (Germany) in August. Moreover the world's winning band will be produced in a top recording studio in Los Angeles. The trip, accommodation and studio will be fully paid by Emergenza."


8.Will also be entering MusicOz  http://www.musicoz.org/ - playing at the Sydney Opera House 15th May has Swivehead's name on it!! Fingerscrossed!!

9. Album Launch  We will be launching our New Album in July 2012 - finalising details now.

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