1.  VIDEO CLIP shoot was on Sunday 29.7.12. 

The Studio Location was just amazing & the Video Directors were excellent!!!


Will take a couple of weeks to compile the Video Footage & finalise the Audio Mix. Will be posted ASAP!


Here are some PHOTOS from the Shoot:


Studio Photos: 


2. NEW ALBUM Update

There has been a SLIGHT CHANGE.  Dan Murtagh (Sing Sing Studios, Melbourne) from the Forrester Savell Team is now Mixing Swivelhead's Album – Due to a Project running overtime for Forrester Savell. Dan Murtagh has worked on Dead Letter Circus, Jericco & many other big acts – so we are very EXCITED!!!!!!!!


Drums Clinton Harn & Bass Ryan Van Gennip has now been Tracked for 7x New Swivelhead tunes over the last couple of weeks


(With more "Behind the Scenes & "Timelapse" filmed at the same time)


Now have a total of 9 New Tracks. Be interesting to see what is thrown out!!.......


 3. Swivelhead T-Shirt Models


 **Check out our AMAZING friends Dave & Lynne from the UK – Modelling our T-Shirts!! This is just awesome!!!!



4. A MASSIVE ***THANK YOU*** goes to Kit Carson McGuire for Playing Swivelhead's Tracks "Cannot Live Here", "Goodbye" & "Candle" on his show at  With a Fanbase of 8,500,000 worldwide this is a Massive help to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ALSO ***THANK YOU*** to USUKOZ Radio, IndieRock Cafe,, FREEdom United Radio, for their constant support!!!!!!!



5. Album Launch 

Our Album Launch has MOVED to  SAT 8 DEC 2012 - at The Sandringham Hotel, Newtown, Sydney.    



 6. Also will start an Advertising Campaign - once Video Clips completed - more on that next month!!



7. Will be applying for some Publishing - once Video Clips completed - more on that next month!!

CHEERS for your Support & ROCK ON!!


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