NEW Album & Emergenza Festival Swivelhead Update

 1.  NEW ALBUM Update, VIDEO Clips & "Behind the Scenes" Footage

We are STILL waiting on our First MIX to come back from the Forrester Savell Team!!!     

Once back, the VIDEO Clip filming starts immediately & the "Behind the Scenes" Footage can be posted!!

While waiting for our MIX, are furiously writing Solos, finishing Lyrics & Finalising arrangements for the REST of Swivelheads NEW Album


2.Emergenza Festival Update

Swivelhead has made it to the heats & will compete 30.3.12 at "The Metro (Lair)" to play at the Taubertal Open Air Festival (Germany) in August 2013 (told 30,000 attendees on the 1 day).

(Stages: Heats Mar 30 "Metro Lair", Semi Final Oct "The Factory", Finals Dec "The Metro Theatre", then German Festival Aug 2013, then winner also gets a European Tour)


"The winning bands from each country will play at the Taubertal Open Air Festival (Germany) in August. Moreover the world's winning band will be produced in a top recording studio in Los Angeles. The trip, accommodation and studio will be fully paid by Emergenza."


3. We received an AMAZING REVIEW this week from FREEdom United Radio/808 SP Tonya Sissah!!!! THANKYOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!   Check it out at    


4. A MASSIVE ***THANK YOU*** goes to Kit Carson McGuire for Playing Swivelhead's Tracks "Cannot Live Here", "Goodbye" & "Candle" on his show at  With a Fanbase of 8,500,000 worldwide this is a Massive help to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ALSO ***THANK YOU*** to USUKOZ Radio, IndieRock Cafe,, for their constant support!!!!!!!


5..Were selected for a Touring Opportunity in Dec 2011 - we have been busy madly finishing new album - will be checking out this Tour in the next week.


6. Album LAUNCH We will be launching our New Album Sat, 1 SEPT 2012 - at The Sandringham Hotel, Newtown, Sydney.


7. Also will be doing an Advertising Campain - need the Video Clips - more on that next month!!



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