1. **THANKYOU EVERYONE who Voted for Swivelhead for the MusicOz Awards.

We REALLY appreciate your Support in helping us get to No. 16!!! We only just found out that Voting goes for a Year - so we will be gunning for the Sydney Opera House a lot earlier Next Time!!  (No. 1   &   No. 2 get to perform at the Sydney Opera House).

If You are a writer -  I encourage you to give it a go & It is very “I am Indie (Independent) – Hear me roar”.

2. **VIDEO CLIP** shoot is booked for the last week in July 2012.  

Here are some photos of the Studio

We will be making fresh “Behind the Scenes" Footage –at the same time - recording the “Making of the Video Clip”

3. NEW ALBUM Update

 TRACKING for the Rest of the Album goes down in JULY 2012!!   

Solos & Lyrics are in the Final Stages.

4. Swivelhead T-Shirt Models

 **Check out our AMAZING friends Dave & Lynne from the UK – Modelling our T-Shirts!! This is just awesome!!!!

5. A MASSIVE ***THANK YOU*** goes to Kit Carson McGuire for Playing Swivelhead's Tracks "Cannot Live Here", "Goodbye" & "Candle" on his show at  With a Fanbase of 8,500,000 worldwide this is a Massive help to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO ***THANK YOU*** to USUKOZ Radio, IndieRock Cafe,, FREEdom United Radio, for their constant support!!!!!!!

6. Album Launch 

We will be launching our New Album Sat, 1 SEPT 2012 - at The Sandringham Hotel, Newtown, Sydney.

7. Also will be doing an Advertising Campaign - need the Video Clips - more on that next month!!


CHEERS for your Support & ROCK ON!!

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